Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Officially Official

Yes people, I finally made it official and in writing informed that powers to be that I will not be returning upon the birth of Camille. I wish I could say it was a tough decision, but really it's been the easiest one to make in regards to this whole becoming a parent process. The hard part was actually telling them. Which? Turned out one of the powers to be was quite understanding, maybe just a little too understanding. Now, now, don't go and try to tell me that I'm being negative because, if you have ever met these people you just know how they tend to behave. When they're really nice to you about something that they speak so negatively about it just makes a girl wonder. Like, for instance, are they secretly relieved that I'm not returning because I am actually a big pain in their butts? Are they counting the bucks they get to save by not hiring anyone into my position? Personally, I'm leaning more towards the first conclusion because it's no secret folks, I'm sort of a outspoken type of person and when I catch wind of others whispering things about me behind my back, powers to be or not, I tend to call people up on it....yes, that actually does happen a little to frequently by powers to be. I'm going to a fair type thingy tonight as a rep for the place of employment with many others who do the same type of work we do. Do I plan to see if there will be any bites for someone in need of per diem work? That'll just have to be between me and Camille for now!

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