Thursday, October 27, 2005

Single Digits

Yes, yes...there is nothing more fun than waking up from your afternoon nap choking on indigestion and then throw up said indigestion through ones nose. And while your leaning over the toilet in total disgust? Make sure your cats right there at your feet begging to be petted...The End.

What? Is that to much information for you? You must take the good with bad especially if you want the latest in my collection of belly shots. Which, by the way, I came home from work today all ready to take a nice picture for all of you. I was going to take a quick little nap then wake up in my cute "little" maternity outfit and actually flash you all a nice big smile. Obviously my plan took a turn for the worse. Instead what you get is me, 5 minutes after my episode hiding behind my cat.

Now, here we are, 8 months pregnant (32 weeks) and only 8 weeks left to go. That single digit freaks me out just a tad. Apparently the medical community is convinced that I will actually be having a baby. D and I went on our hospital tour yesterday and registered, it was quite surreal. At my last prenatal appointment I was thrilled to hear that I've only gained 20lbs. now, very exciting to know that all this exercising (which I abhorred exercising) has paid off. Even better? My doc says he'll do an other ultrasound around my 38th weeks to determine how far he wants for me to go considering her um, larger less petite size so far. And for the Camille update, she's quickly approaching the claustrophobic stage of her life as she has realized her space has shrunk. She now can't kick and instead proceeds to stretch her body out as far as possible in hopes to stretch out the size of her shrinking space. Personally? I'm just waiting for a foot to poke through my skin at anytime.

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