Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How low will I go exactly?

Friends, family, fellowmen....I have sunk to new lows in this pregnancy, so so low and even more humiliating than the time I thought there was a problem with the shower head but in reality? It was really just my Venus razor that I forgot to turn off. So yes, more embarrassing than that.

I'm exercising tonight and I notice how I strangely smell of Cheerios. Maybe it was possible, since I had Cheerios for breakfast that I was now sweating Cheerios? The aerobics instructor laughed, never said it wasn't possible so I stuck with that theory.

Let's fast forward to this evening. I'm home, finishing up the laundry when I take a nice relaxing break on the couch and notice that I still have my bra on...what am I, crazy? So, that gets removed and around that same time Camille starts her kicking fit so like any good Momma-to-be I place my hands on my stomach to bond with my baby. As I'm rubbing my stomach I notice a bump under my shirt which I just thought was the string to my shorts. But then I got to thinking that it was kinda high for the string to be sitting. So I look under my shirt to investigate and do you know what I found? Do you really want to know?

I soggy Cheerio. Apparently my bra is also a Cheerio catcher.

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