Monday, November 21, 2005

Baby Mama Drama

Friday was just plain awful and if this was the Annie movie someone would echo "You can say that again". I hate when my Friday's are like that because it's my day. I revel in waking up all by myself, drinking my (very small) cup of coffee and enjoy the morning of it just being me. I should have known it wasn't going to go well. For starters the coffee broke the night before, all though I woke up by myself I was awoken with a wonderful after taste of indigestion lingering in my mouth. I really shouldn't be to shocked about the outcome of the day.

But, no more drama. Well, no more drama outside that of what's coming in now 4 weeks which D and I are diligently preparing for by attending the ever popular Lamaze class. As it turns out this tradition many couples typically look forward to. And you all know that D and I march to the tune of our drummer (as my mother always says through gritted teeth) so obviously we are not one of those couples. In all honesty neither one of us really wanted to go but due to the overwhelming "It's so worth it's" from friends we under great peer pressure signed up. Because we are extreme creatures of habit, neither of us were willing to give up our evenings to take the class. After both of us working all day, and me being pregnant and working all day, come 7 p.m. we prefer to be in for the evening (with the exception of dinner invitations...we will break tradition for food, let's just make that clear) so the 7-9 class was not working out in our mental day planners. Plus, my aerobics class is every Monday and Wednesday. And knowing the above, you've gotta understand what a sacrifice it is for me so the Tuesday class was definitely out. I couldn't fathom 3 nights in a row. And just for the record I am willing to sacrifice my down time in the evening rather than my thighs so hence I exercise right after work. I hate it, but that's clearly another tirade for a different evening. So, this is why D and I chose the Sunday class from 10-12. We said, like any good Christians should, that we would go to the first part of church and then leave for the class. Unfortunately we are very bad Christians and slept in and then went to class. D loves having the excuse that I need my rest.

As stated above, neither of us really wanted to go. And it wasn't because of the nature of the class but rather it was a class with other couples. We don't do other couples very well. This is why we got married you see. As teenagers other people just sorta annoyed us. We always ended up bailing from whatever group we were hanging out in and would just go do our own thing. We've clicked since 1993 but have never really found it easy for others to click with us. So the thought of spending 2 hours with other couples filled us with all sorts of uncomfortable feelings. But, like many times before since we met, we both knew we would just get through it and have each other to role our eyes at. Out of the 8 couples (not contacting us) there, we found the couple next to us to have the similar sarcasm that D and I cherish in our marriage. For instance? When the instructor said how the mom's would appreciate "touch" during the contractions, my husband and the other man surprising chuckled at the same time. I don't do snuggly touchy feely when in pain or discomfort or in the summer. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one. We also found the couple to the other side of us to be quite the unique pair. She, a 42 Latino woman with 18 yr. old and a 14 yr. old children. He, in his early 30's that looked like he just walked out of the Soprano's. As we left class he walked out with us stopping at his tinted windowed BMW parked in the Handicap spot. No, he wasn't handicap, just cool enough to park there.

And talking about being cool enough. I received a box today from and we all know what that means don't you? It means that someone bought me something off my registry. But, not just someone, to my melting hearts surprise it was Mary. People, she made me feel loved and her sweet gift will make my Camille feel snug as a bug in a rug. Seriously. Just look at watch she got us:

No, not the kitty, the blanket wrap which is one of the many cool baby things that I drooled over while doing my registry at Babies R Us. It's sickening how much cool things they have, really. Target used to be one of the few stores I could just walked around in forever, now I've turned a new domestic corner in my life and find myself perusing through Babies R Us. I'm so turning into a Mama. But a Mama with no drama!

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