Monday, October 17, 2005

Confidence is Bliss

The hormones, I proud to report, have settled! It's time for a celebration people. No more woeing or sadness or pre-baby blues. Maybe it could be attributed to talking to a my sister versus talking to D who, bless his guy picking soul tried his hardest to understand the raging emotions pumping through my brain. He really can't make sense of my strange fears. His "everything will be fine" response doesn't calm my fears however. But, talking to my sister is different. We for the most part think the same way so when I cry over my fears she doesn't think I'm crazy because she knows, it's the nature of the beast. We tend to not put much trust into people, something we need to learn to let go of a bit, we take care of ourselves and rely on ourselves because we rarely let ourselves down. But, I feel reassured that no matter what, even if we only 3 crib sheets, it will work out. I won't get to lonely as a stay at home mom because she'll take care of me and I know I can rely on her. And I know that there will be people here who care and will stand by me during this huge transition. As she put, it is what you make it and the female's in my family have a way of making anything work.

So, I'm calm. I'm not sad. I'm not overwhelmed. All for this moment, I feel confident.

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