Sunday, October 16, 2005

Woe is me

My pity party is over so at the risk of feeling like a cry baby, I removed the post!

Instead, I will tell you this: In a nutshell, I spilled the news of my possible need of quitting. To my face, the director seemed as if she understood my situation as she quickly stated that any type of raise was totally out of the question. She asked for me to email her my ideal work situation and said that they were as flexible as steel. I'll play their little game, send my email and see what happens. I told the director that there would be no hard feelings if she needed to replace me, hell, I even noted that this might be her lucky day! She smirked, but didn't really deny it.

I am torn. I have people on the one side telling me the benefits of staying home and of course the people on the side of how miserable it is. I can see both sides and realize that the only way I will know which will work for us is by experiencing it myself. So, burning my bridges right now is not a good strategy. Although fairness does not work both ways were I work, I don't want to leave them high and dry, not saying they would ever give me that same courtesy in return.

So, big decisions to be made with surging emotions and fears that my poor child will be sleeping on drooly sheets and stinky receiving blankets.

**It must be noted, during this terrible urge of woe's, I have this amazing friend. So absolutely amazing that she makes me feel like the most special pregnant girl there is. Thank goodness for her or I really would be basking in a full fledged pity party.

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