Saturday, September 24, 2005

Public Service Announcement

Today while watching D watch Penn State almost loose (in their defense, 4th quarter they won by the skin of their teeth with only 50 seconds remaining) I decided it would be wise to see if I had any money left in my checking account. I had an eBaying urge and since I totally suck at keeping my checkbook straight, I worship the bank goddess who invented online banking. I was very glad to see that there was money there and I proceeded to look through what had cleared the account already. That's when I came across this intrusive charge that I know for a fact I did not make. I know I didn't make it because, as liberal as I might be, I will never subscribe to Parenting Magazine. The moment those idiots suggested the whole have a tantrum with your child concept I realized how off their rocker they were. Anyway, there sat a $20 charge from Parenting Magazine.

Let's do a quick flashback here: 3 or 4 months ago I bought something at Motherhood Maternity using my debit card (which my father say only an idiot uses, thanks Dad, I am that idiot!). There was this offer for 3 free issues of Parenting for the more liberal than me Magazine. Of course I accepted it, it was free, duh! All I ever provided to them was my mailing address. Well, all I ever gave them permission to pass on to another company was my mailing address.

When I called Parenting Magazine today and told them that they took money out of my account without my permission, they said that Motherhood provides them with all this information. They kindly refunded my money and per my dad (who seriously, no joke here, knows everything) was kind of them and makes them not the bad guy here. The guy who is terrible and nasty is Motherhood which absolutely sucks because I L.O.V.E. their clothes and their prices. But now? How am I supposed to love them when they have gone and soiled our friendship by selling my bank account information to another company? It's sorta like when your in Junior High and your best friend tells everyone that you kissed Eric Rhea. It's that kind of betrayal.

My Dad is in the process of typing a nasty gram for me to them. He's got a way with this kind of stuff, let's just say he's the man to go to when big business screws the little guy. Let's hope Motherhood begs for my forgiveness or I'll be forced to tell the principal on them (a.k.a. Better Business Bureau).

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