Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Little Foo

Four years ago today, I received a call from my sister informing me that she was ripping out her I.V.'s and leaving the hospital. She couldn't find her husband as he had been away for 4 hours now donating blood to help the September 11th victims. I begged, I pleaded but in her normal nursing ability she explained to me how long she could go with her water broken. Thankfully, my brother in law returned and removed the phone from her ear and her hands from the needles before any I.V. was taken out. Hours later our little Foo was birthed and welcomed to this cruel world....3 days after the tragedy of September 11th and 24 hours after her daddy lost his job. She came, and I couldn't be there as soon as I wanted. No flights and no one was about to fly. Life would not be the same without our little Foo. Olivia wouldn't be a big sister and Jake wouldn't have a sister he didn't want to ship away.

My baby Foo, I love you as if you were my own and can only pray that I can be here for you as long as you'll let me be. I love how you draw pictures of Camille and give her itty bitty feet. I love how when we get off the phone you always forget to say "I love you" until you've handed the phone to Olivia only to grab it back and yell "Love you Emme". I love how you love me so innocently.

Happy 4th Birthday Little Gabi Foo-foo!

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