Monday, September 19, 2005

Denial, over and out!

People, I'm getting annoyed. I'm feeling slightly frustrated with the family unit that I call my own. Maybe it's the hormones that are just beginning to kick my butt...which would totally suck because I've worked very hard at NOT being the stereotypical pregnant female that people tell stories about. I want to be able to get through this pregnancy with D saying how it wasn't as bad as he fully expected it to be. Sure, I'm a bit more whinny, but wouldn't you prefer whinny to moody? I mean, I whine, you just give me what a want and then I'm off. Moody? Headbiting and name calling, and so not as easy to handle as whining.

But, I am getting a little fed up with all the damn arrows being thrown in my direction. I could handle this by listing each incident, one by one for all you to see. That would be a lot of fun for me and I would feel validated. I mean, they do deserve it for their own self made stupidity. Or, I can try another approach that seems to work with persons within D and my family...the art of pure pure denial and, hold your seats for this focusing on the things that make me happy. I'm always up for change, so rather than sit here and gear this post with my true frustrated feelings, I'll rather share with you the better things going on my life that are making me happy happy happy!

  1. D started a new job. Did I tell you that? Well, he did. I can't even remember when, maybe it's been 4 weeks? But, the point is he is happy there. Even happier on payday. Although, payday hasn't been as joyous as we expected due to the simple fact that his past employer has "forgotten" to pay him for his last week and a half of work. That was nice of them. His new job is great for him and he is enjoying the new pace, the not having to sit at a desk all day pressing the same button kind of pace. I've gotta be honest internet, I was a little worried because it seems as if he isn't doing that much engineering (whatever that means), but apparently this makes D happy because it's different. So, worry no more for me, if he's happy, I'm happy....sorta, not every time.
  2. Strangely, and please note how I am a little surprised that I am even admitting this, I am kinda happy that Football season has started back up again. I don't know why, but it makes me feel all warm and cozy. Granted, I fully expect the Redskins to suck yet again this year, but it's all this D.C. native has got left.
  3. My weight gain has not been astronomical but baby's has. Where I've only gained 13 lbs. at 26 weeks, baby gained 2lbs. 2oz. I am very proud of her. See that pic there? It's all belly and no butt gain. I've done so well that as we speak I am wearing a non maternity pair of running shorts. Let's just hope come 35 weeks I'm as chipper because Christmas cookies are my absolute weakness.
  4. Tomorrow I'll be having my 4-D ultrasound...that makes me very, very happy. Of course the shelling of $100 for it might damper my spirits some, but the thought of being able to see my sweet itty bitty is enough to melt away any frustration that any family member throws my way because in the end, I'm gonna be a Momma and my baby will kick your butt!

Ahh, yes, dear friends, I've stooped to the level of denial. The things pregnancy will do to you!

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