Friday, September 02, 2005

Getting Political

Alright, I have tried not to post this basically because every Bush loving Republican is going to have my neck, but that is okay because in my defense: I've never bashed our President. I'm the type of person who, even if I don't like the person who is in the White House, has always tried to be respectful of their position. Also, I'm not a republican or a democrat. D says I'm just undecided. That is not true, I, like my father, just don't believe that if you are really a thinking person, you won't be a hard core anything when it comes to politics. I don't vote based the big social issues, I vote based on my check book. Plain and simple. I expect stupidity in the White House regardless of which political party controls it. But this, this is just ridiculous.

As I sit here and watch this nightmare, I am just sickened by our Federal Governments horrible response to these innocent peoples need. I was just amazed as our President thanked the Governors of Texas and Michigan for there leadership role. I am sure the governors of those States probably just shook their heads in disgust. Of course they had to step in and help, they couldn't just sit and watch the relief efforts go undone. I've listened to these stupid politicians for the past several days and all I've heard is a bunch of political nonsense and I can't beg the question, as many like Elijah E. Cummings (Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus) have today, if these people in New Orleans had been upper class white "refugees" would aid really had been halted for 5 days? I can't help but believe that the answer to that question is a quick and solid "No". And the "refugee" term being used, that just ignites even more venom inside of me. These people aren't refugee's, they are American citizens, tax paying citizens whose government has let them down tremendously. I could go on and on with my frustration, but I'm not sure it's needed. Many others are doing it for me. And, many others will show their frustration at the polls when that time comes again.

People, I'm sickened. I hurt for each and every American in New Orleans whose government has not come through like it should have. For each of those individuals who are surrounded by sewage, who are begging for water and heart goes out to each one of them. I don't think any politician could have said it better today than the mayor of New Orleans, C. Ray Nagin:

"Don't tell me 40,000 people are coming in, their not here, it's to doggone late. Get off your ass and lets do something, and let's fix the biggest **** crisis in the history of this country".

As the saying goes "If you aren't furious, you're not paying attention"

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