Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Princess Debut

I know, it's taken me a long time to get these up. But we've been so consumed with this move that I haven't been able to see past boxes. Well that, and we couldn't find the cable to the scanner. Of course once the cable was found the network got all goofy. I just love moving. But, here she is, for her big pic debut:

Okay, I have no clue what we're supposed to be seeing but I do know that the lines measured her little heartbeat. The other side of the pic, that I have no clue. Any good guesses?

This seems to be her favorite position. She likes to lay sideways with her head on my left side and she spreads her body long ways with her little feet kicking my right side. So if you look closely at the scan you'll see her little head to the bottom right of the pic and then her spine following down her body. Not like I could make it out, but the ultrasound lady said her little face was kissing the placenta. This pic was taken after she refused to move. Yep, stubborn like her Mama.

Now, here she is refusing to give the classic face shot. Traditional? Not my girl. Little hand in the air, covering her face announcing that picture time was now over. Everytime we tried to get a good pic of her face she would move and block us.

This week, since Sunday particularly, has been the most exciting part of the pregnancy as I have begun to feel her move. I was getting very frustrated, 19 weeks and still no kicks or movement. Everytime someone would ask if I felt anything, my only reply was "Gas maybe?"...not very Princessy. But now I know for sure it's her. We have appointments now. She kicks around the same time every day and that is now the best part of my day. I look forward to sitting back and waiting for her to give a little hello. Today specifically has been the most movement yet. Not only can I feel the little kicks but I am also feeling her movement within me. I try to imagine what she's doing and what she looks like while she moves. I do love this stage and it's the most I've ever bonded with this pregnancy so far. Of course it freaks me out even more because I am getting very attached and falling in love more each day.

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