Friday, July 29, 2005


I know it's been 24 hours since we found out the sex of the baby and still I have not posted...geez, I'm such a jerk, huh? I'm so bad that even though I'm posting it now, I don't even have the ultrasound pics to go along with the good news. But, you will forgive me when you find out that immediately following the ultrasound D left to begin moving, leaving me and my sister for the prenatal which when that ended we went immediately back to the apartment to help pack. So it was move move all day long, unplugged modem for a bit (a.k.a. no internet) and my sister (a.k.a. The Boss) assigning tasks to us that had to be completed. No play time, no phone calls, just work. What's a princess to do? So, forgiveness, please please? I do promise that after work today I will get home and get those pics scanned and posted, because really, they just shout the personality of this child: "In 5 months you are SO in for it!"

Now, what we have all been waiting for:


Yep, I can't even believe it myself folks. For the past 19 weeks I've referred to the baby as a "he" simply because it sounded a heck of a lot better than "it" but somewhere in between that time I think I convinced my psyche that it was a "he" so much so that while perusing the racks at my favorite thrift stores I picked up some boy stuff that I now don't need, because, really, the daughter of a Princess will not be looking like a boy. And like every good mother says, but I am sure if you were there for the ultrasound you would have thought this too, she is just so precious and dainty and, yes, maybe a little stubborn like her Momma. She refused to sit still when we needed her to and then when we needed her to move she found herself a comfy corner in my uterus and there she sat with her little hand up in the air as if to say "Enough pictures already Momma, it's naptime".

I know many people have said that finding out the sex of the baby before the birth is cheating. It needs to be a surprise. But for me this was so needed, it was the little bit of happiness to loosen my arms lengthening from this pregnancy. How can I not now bond to a child that I have already named with a sweet little hand that waves in the air and the most adorable little legs violently kicking inside me. It was breathtaking but now I am even more terrified because I have fallen in love and love makes you feel vulnerable and I'm a *****, we don't do vulnerable to well. But I will go with this feeling and ride this wave and trust that the end of it will bring me my healthy sweet Camille.

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