Friday, August 05, 2005

Life after boxes

I've been trying to think of clever ways to make writing about boxes, lots and lots of boxes, interesting. This might come as shock to all of's just not possible. There really isn't anything witty to write about on the subject of moving because your life gets overly consumed with not only boxes, lots and lots of them...but you also find yourself perusing the aisles of Home Depot in excitement over a curtain rod. Also, my other life consumption right now? The joys of unpacking all those damn boxes you spent hours packing just days ago. We didn't move far. We literally moved around the corner from one building to another so it's very sad to think I put so much love and care into packing these boxes for them to go half a mile. Can you say waste of good shopping/eBay time? But it's done, for the most part, with the exception of D's multitude of boxes full of cables. 4 boxes with nothing but cables, wires and video game consoles. Personally, I think he hasn't unpacked because he has no clue where each cable and wire go to. We got rid of a lot of his bachelor days furniture. Furniture in which all these random cable and wires were hidden out of sight. They have most likely sat there since he moved to Antartica six years ago, never touched but yet he still refuses to throw them away because, you know, you might actually need the cable when you finally figure out what the heck it was for in the first place. This concept made sense to all the other Engineers who came to help us move half a mile, go figure. I have threatened him that if the boxes aren't emptied by Sunday evening, I'll do the unpacking and by unpacking I mean throwing away whatever doesn't make sense to me. So, we'll see because you know, I'm pregnant and into that "nesting stage" I guess. And, again, by nesting I mean throw away whatever doesn't make sense to me or whatever I'm sick of looking at. I'm have become Salvation Army's best friend and when laziness hits I just walk it over to the dumpster.

Rather than posting pictures of my new found love of boxes, I'll post pictures of my ever growing belly. For those of you keeping track, I turned 20 weeks on Tuesday. And, I've only gained 6 lbs. so far, I am pretty proud. But I'm at the half way point and yet I'm still petrified something will happen. My newest milestone will be 27 weeks. There is a story out of my hometown of a woman who was dying but pregnant. Life support kept her alive until the her baby was viable. They just took the baby at 27 weeks and so far so good. So, hence my milestone!

Oh, and ignore the grey....I didn't realize how exposed I am there. Well, no, instead of ignore, let's all take the time to thank Melissa for her lovely gift of Maternity thongs. And if the glee from that wasn't enough, she also sent me a gift card to Motherhood. She heard my plea and answered and we all know how whinny a pregnant Princess can be. Yes, I know, she's saint isn't she? Saint Melissa....that has a good ring, don't you think? And just let me reiterate how much I love the Maternity Thong.

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