Sunday, August 07, 2005

Disappearing Act

I made a cruel cruel discovering today while taking a quick break from cleaning. While laid back on the sofa watching my stomach twitch from my daughter doing somersaults inside me, I noticed how I've never seen the inside of my belly button as clearly as I did just now. Right then I panicked and realized that this is the beginning of the's starting belly button is reverting from a innie to an outie. Don't believe me? Just look. See? It's beginning it's metamorphosis. And you know what that means, right? It means it's now time to purchase the pregnancy navel ring.

My navel ring and I have been together for a long time now, we have a history of 8 years to be exact. I can still remember vividly the exact day I got it done. I had befriended this German girl in my Biology class at NOVA, Svenya I think is how you spelt her name, and as it turns out she was also a witch. A nice witch though as she had lent her notes to some punk who never returned them. I met her that day and let her copy my notes and in return she gave me a free navel piercing as that was her job, piercing that is. She herself had over 20 piercing and red and black braids. She was unique, and I was the first Christian she had ever met who wasn't all freaked out by her and she was the first witch I had ever met. She offered to cast a spell on my ex-boyfriend at the time. I declined the offer, although very kind, and opted for the free piercing instead. I'll never forget when I got home and "surprised" my mom with my new accessory. She cried and said I had mutilated my body and how I was sinning. In my typical response, she always swore I should have been a lawyer, I told her that I would research it and if I found no reference to it in the Bible the piercing stayed. Sure enough I plead a good case, had great Bible verses to back it up and won. To this day she refuses to look at it and offers anyone $100 if they pull it out. Guess how thrilled she was when my big sister (a.k.a. The Boss) followed suit and pierced her navel just 2 weeks ago!

So, can you understand how I am quite hesitant to part with it now? I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep it. At my last prenatal appointment my O.B. asked if it was absolutely necessary to keep it. Well, is it absolutely necessary for you to keep your manhood?** Exactly.

And, I decided to only link the picture as many might find the site of a navel disturbing. Now you can never say that I don't take your feelings into consideration!

**I love my O.B. He's awesome and he puts up with my paranoia.

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