Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Guy Version

I just wrote this whole boring post about this site that I found. And really, it was so wordy and boring that I deleted it. It was one of those rabbit trails that would just make you way to dizzy by the end. There are times that I am telling D a story and if it's he gets confused, he'll tell me to give him the guy version. Which basically means, give me the meat of the story, forget the side dishes. Basically I found this site somehow today and thought it was interesting. And in the spirit of giving, I thought I'd share it with my favorite viewing audience. Now, some of the post cards might come across as offensive to you, so, you've been mean comments. I found a majority of them to quiet intriguing, some of them were a little strange, and some of them just required a lot of therapy. But all in all, I think this project is amazingly brilliant!

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