Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Odds and Ends

I have abandoned you. It's been exactly 8 days since I posted last, that I do realize. But I left town. Jumped a plane and went to a land of no internet or Digital Cable for 5 whole days. The withdraw was not intense as I was way to busy to even sit for a moment to even think about all the emails collecting in my Outlook. Want to take a glimpse at one of my evenings during my escape?

No no, I really wasn't drinking. They did though, they were a also sticking a straw in my face mocking me, reminding me that that yummy fruity drink will not be mine until late December. And let me add that a certain someone in that picture ordered a Chocolate Martini which some of you might remember is my drink of choice especially when my parents get diagnosed with Cancer. Cruel and unusual treatment people. I could have ordered a fruity non-alcoholic drink but I got myself all paranoid that the bartender might forget and accidentally add alcohol and I wouldn't realize it. So instead I just took one little sip of soda and refused the milk shakes on the menu because all I could think of is how it would just add unneeded inches to my ever growing thighs.

And if leaving for 5 days wasn't enough fun for me, coming home to packing my apartment just tipped me over in the fun category. Yes, more little details I have not shared. We move starting Thursday which is also the same day I will find out if Baby Johnsy is a he or a she. Yes, I am finding out the sex of the baby. Now folks, I do realize that many of you feel like it should be a surprise come December, that I am cheating by finding out now. I don't do surprise well. If there was a hidden camera next to my Christmas tree one would see me sneaking at the gifts, violently shaking and smelling them for a hint...just one little hint. I'm so bad that D goes to desperate measures to conceal the gifts from me. For instance, this past Christmas he bought me the Sex and the City DVD's. Obviously just wrapping them as is, I would have that figured out in a second. So instead he taped each DVD set into a nice big box. It didn't matter how much I shook it or smelt it, there were no clues given away. I can't wait until December to know what is inside me. I am so excited and giddy for Thursday I can barely contain myself. Nor can any of my family members. I must know. I can't wait. But I am slightly nervous that when they do the ultrasound they'll find something wrong. Like my baby only has one arm or an extra toe or something bizarre like that. It's the hormones talking. I'll be fine.

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