Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hypothetically, of course

So, hypothetically speaking....let's say that you have an employee who is.....16 weeks pregnant. Okay? And let's say that you are finally doing some renovating to your trailer trash looking office. And when said renovations are done, you come back to your trailer trashing looking office and realize that the down stairs where your 16 weeks pregnant employee sits, wreaks of paint. Now, you, not being a complete moron, would make every effort to ensure that this 16 weeks pregnant employee is not forced to inhale paint fumes during the duration of her work day by running fans, opening windows and maybe even pumping the a/c because the windows are now open and it's reaching a uncomfortable 80 degree's in the trailer trash office -OR- would you roll your eyes at the 16 weeks pregnant employee when she voices a slight resistance to sitting in paint fumes all day because, well you idiot, if you didn't notice she IS 16 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!! And when she finally breaks and opens the windows because she fears for the safety of her ever growing fetus would you (unsurprisingly) turn off the a/c and tell her that it's either the a/c on and the windows closed, or suffer and keep the windows open and sit in an 80 degree office? Really, what would you do, hypothetically speaking?

Now, let's say you are the 16 weeks pregnant employee who is sitting in a paint fumed office for the duration of the day surrounded by absolute morons who can really give a damn because, well, it doesn't smell upstairs in there corner office 2 floors away as they roll their eyes at you. Hypothetically speaking would you make a little phone call to OSHA or at the least just walk out muttering inappropriate obscenities under your breath? Really, hypothetically speaking, what would you do?

Anyone reading work for OSHA? Or have a relative or friend who works for OSHA and is bored and really wants to sick it to someone? Let me know, hypothetically speaking, of course.

Disclaimer: I am only speaking hypothetically of course, I work for amazingly considerate people who have immaculate taste in decorating.

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