Friday, June 10, 2005

World War III

This time last week was supossed to be the magic day for me began the 12th week of this pregnancy, the week that the threat of miscarriage drops by 50%. Unfortunately the day was not focused on me releasing a sigh of relief, but rather of me breathing in a new deep breath thanks to what I have now titled World War 3 in the south of Tennessee. The day was not a happy one thanks to it and the following days would prove to be tainted thanks to the stress caused by it. I am not going into details right now as I am taking a break from the whole situation. If any 865 area code shows up on my caller id I am going to treat it like a teller marketer.

Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, right? But what happens when that blood becomes actively stupid? Personally, I don't have time for stupid people right now. I am making healthy choices for my life and if you want to make this bed of stupidity be my guest to sleep in it, just don't invite me. More venting to follow.

Today begins the first day of my 2nd trimester. I will not let this milestone be tainted. I will celebrate it and even leave myself sweet comments on my own site congratulating myself just in case no one else does.

Happy 2nd Trimester Barnacle! I promise not to let the idiots get your mommy down today!

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