Thursday, June 02, 2005

Princess Pudge

With bated breath I have waited for this day to come since April 6 when I found out I was pregnant. Let's take a quick look back at the fun time line of my pregnancy, shall we:

April 4: period, yeah, I know, they said it would take 6 weeks till my cycle would return but I swear to my cat that I ovulated on March 23, only 12 days after miscarriage. With fingers crossed and hushed breath I whispered "Please be pregnant, please be pregnant"

April 6: During lunch break, filled with anxiety and curiosity, I run home and pee on the ever so famous stick and to my shock 2 beautiful lines, but then to my horror spots of blood.

April 7: Doctors appointment where my Gyno with a puzzled look shuffles through my file, yes, you're right, I did just miscarry a month ago tomorrow. Doc says all looks good, cervix looks great and pats us on the shoulder as being his most fertile couple of the year.

April 8: Wake up covered in blood and filled with fear "Here we go again". Call doc frantically, call family frantically, call closest NY girlfriends sadly. Bedrest all weekend.

April 10: Spotting stops and blood work comes back with tripled hormone levels. Should be elated but instead run to the bathroom every other minute for the ever popular blood checks.

April 21: Evening sickness starts promptly at 6 weeks.

April 25: Blood work comes back superb but yet I still am feeling like an anxiety run pregnant woman.

May 5: First ultrasound. Lil Barnacle has a heartbeat!

And that brings us up to here ~ 12 weeks, the long awaited day that will allow me to breath a sigh of relief and feel confident about this pregnancy (so I hope). Now, without further ado, I bring you the long awaited belly shot. Doesn't look like much except a slightly pudgey tummy but believe me, that pudge was not there 12 weeks ago and that pudge does not like fitting into a non maternity Gap Capri.

Happy 12 weeks baby pudge! I am so glad we've made it this far even though you have caused me great sickness and indigestion that is not very Princessy. I love you anyways, even though you wake me at 3 a.m. promptly each night because you enjoy laying your sweet little head on my bladder. Sweetheart, mommy has a bad case of insomnia and she can't take her Ambien so you waking her up at the wee hours of night isn't cool. So, I'll make a deal with you, I'll not eat anymore Gyro's or Five Alarm burgers anymore as long as you promise to stop using mommy's bladder as a pillow. Deal?
Love you my little barnacle!

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