Friday, June 17, 2005

Short but so so sweet

My dear friends, please join me in a round of comments as we go to congratulate my amazing cousin on her newly announced pregnancy. I know, people are getting pregnant like rabbits around here, but for them, this is truly a miracle. They have been trying to conceive for 3 years now and she was just diagnosed with Endometriosis and other fun female problems which inhibit one's ability to get pregnant. And, as you may recall, the news of cancer has run as rapid in there family as it hit mine in October. My Aunt is very ill with a progressed form of Lung Cancer and Steph's father just had emergency surgery for brain cancer. Life has been nothing but bumpy roads for them recently but then, a sweet miracle like this comes, and you realize that God has breathed a sigh of relief on you.

Congrats Steph, I can't wait to not be the only one in the family enjoying the excitement of 3 a.m. pee runs, 24/7 heartburn and the emerging of the Pooch! And when the morning sickness hits? Give me a call, I'll share my secrets of survival with you!

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