Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Did I forget to mention?

So where the heck am I? Well people, I guess I didn't mention it to you, but I've gone on a mini vacation to an undisclosed location. It's been great, I've been relaxed and have not, I repeat, have NOT found myself missing one day of work. Actually, instead I find myself saying "Phew, 25 more weeks and I can blow that joint", with the exception that D finds a job where he can make 5K more than what our combined income is right now and if he can't then, well, I guess instead I will say "Phew, 25 more weeks and I get a 12 week vacation" and obviously I use that term vacation loosely.

But, I thought I'd share a little story of sorts from this vacation (which is an actual vacation). Now, as we all know, I am so very pregnant right now that nothing fits at the moment forcing the Queen of Fashion to frantically run around searching for cute, trendy maternity clothes at a affordable price. Of course, I am in the right state to do so and have found the most lovely things that will make all want to be pregnant so they to can wear my finds. Well, today at one of these stores I had my very first actual conversation with another pregnant women. I felt just so pregnant as we shared our experiences so far. Now, I asked her how far along she was. and I'll tell you this dear internet, in my mind I already answered for her. I knew she had had to be no more than 12 weeks as I was way bigger than her. To my shock and dismay she informed me she was 18 weeks as she happily asked me the same question in response, as that is customary. I sheepishly said 14 weeks, but 15 on Friday. She, to be nice, begged the question if this was my second pregnancy, because we all know you show early with your second., my first, yes, I know, I look 6 months pregnant as I agreed with her friend who was 38 weeks pregnant. So there it is folks, I am not going crazy. A complete stranger was now fooled.

I will be back in the land of the woodchucks on Thursday morning. Until then, go enjoy Wednesday Smackdown and pay particular attention to question #3. Darn I feel so honored that she answered me, because really, Amalah is the coolest pregnant women that I don't know in real life AND she showed early too, and her site is SO much better than mine!

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