Sunday, June 26, 2005

Death to the Woodchuck

Albany sucks. I don't know how much more clearer that needs to be made.....I live in an area that has absolutely no Old Navy Maternity anywhere and I fell in love with Old Navy Maternity while on my mini vacation. I felt like I walked into Maternity Heaven. It was beautiful, the Queen of Fashion was back, well at least for that small, fleeting moment.

Did I mention that Chipotle won't even come here? Yep, actually, I think the guy who responded to my email actually laughed at the thought of me evening posing the question because his response basically indicated that there was not a snowballs chance in hell that they'd ever come here.

Oh, but did I also mention that although there is no Old Navy Maternity here in Woodchuck land, there is one in Hicksville, NY. Sure, let the Hicks look all pretty while pregnant, but Woodchucks? Nope, I guess they figure everyone here prefers the buff.

But what I am supposed to do about this in the meantime? Is there any question of why a size small maternity is just not cutting it right now? Seriously though, I swear I can't be this large, really, it must just be a bad angle.

Happy 15 weeks Poochie! Keep on growing so Mommy can keep on whining.

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