Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Now, being one who does not enjoy stirring up trouble (no, really, stop coughing, I don't) I feel like I might need to write an addendum to yesterday's post to ensure that folks won't boycott me because really, I will be such a crazed maniac when this child is born that I can't afford any enemy's. Well, selfish reasons aside, I don't like to hurt people's feelings, except if I don't like you then it's a lot easier. But I do like you people. I like you so much that I am writing this addendum.

See, I don't mind people being annoyed with me. I realize that everything that comes out of my mouth not everyone will agree with or even like from time to time so I don't think it's right for me to recant or even tell you not to be annoyed. But I do mind if people feel like I'm putting them down or stepping rudely on their toes. To me there is a difference. If I'm going to say something you don't agree with as I don't mind annoying you, I do mind if I offend you.

Let me clear something up in regards to yesterday's post: For those of you who chose the natural childbirth route, found breastfeeding to be enjoyable if anything I am jealous of you, but not wanting to poo-poo your decision. Seriously, in a perfect world I would be mentally and physically able to withstand the pain of childbirth with no drug interaction and not have super sensitive "feeding mechanisms" allowing me to look forward to the thrills of breastfeeding. But it's not perfect for me and I know my limitations. I do not look down at those who have done these things as much as I don't look down on women who chose to have drug interaction and bottle feed. My sister's both did the natural route. I have very close friends who did the natural route. Both parties also breast fed. What I do look down is people who get so stuck in their little camps that they insist on judging those who don't join them. That is my beef. I don't respect either camp more than the other. Each women has to choose what works best for her and her child. Not one women will be the same in these decisions. Unfortunately I have found, as my dear friend has also when she chose not to breast feed, that many women have a tendency to look down upon and silently judge women who don't choose the same as them. Sure, I guess one can say that in a way I am even sounding judging in my post, but that too was not my intention. What my intention had been was to point out that I am not going to put this enormous amount of pressure on myself to perform up to other's expectations for me and if I do choose another route I will do so guilt free. I don't feel like I need to explain why I have chosen to not take the natural route nor do I feel like I should be thought of less when asked "Are you going to do it naturally" and I say point blank "No way, Jose". I will still be a good mom if I choose not to breast feed because I will be doing what is best for me and my child. What will be best for he/she's bonding with their mom. In the end, we all want what is best for our children and we each define that a little differently than others. But, we must remember that ones definition isn't better than another, maybe not how you would define, so it's different, but not better.

If I have annoyed you, I am not totally sorry for that. But be certain, if I have offended you I will apologize for that and hope that this addendum has cleared up any frustration you might have endured. And no, I will not be financially responsible for any Starbucks runs you felt forced to engaged in due to your mounted anger with my post!

P.S. As far as the snipping issue was concerned, we can all agree that I wasn't making a point for or against it, but rather just commenting on how folks are getting really fired up on it unbeknownst to me!

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