Monday, May 16, 2005

Sick as sick can be

If my attention to this site is any predictor of how I will be as a mother, let's just say there will be an opened C.P.S. case on me faster than you can say morning sickness. No no, we all must come to terms with the fact that the pregnancy industry are big fat liars. They tell you it's just sickness during the morning to make you get pregnant, then, afterwards you cruelly discover the lie as you sit gulping milk (which you hate to drink mind you) praying that the heartburn which is burning holes in your chest will just simmer down for a moment. I know, I've stood on this soapbox before, but it is the only box I have to stand on in order to beg forgiveness for my neglectful nature. For 7 days straight now, non stop I have felt a type of sickness that I have never experienced in my 29 blissful years of existence. I am in no way complaining about my overwhelming feeling of daily vomiting, I am more than grateful that this pregnancy is progressing and sending me these minute by minute plays of it's progression. I humbly realize that there are many women who would do anything to walk in my shoes right now. I am grateful that I am pregnant. However, I am merely pointing out how difficult is to function as my pre-knocked up self did. I have a date each evening starting at 5 p.m. with my couch and whatever food is on the list for the week. This week? Fruit roll-ups, Ice Pops, Chocolate mousse and the 4 weeks champ, cheese, the only food that at it's thought has not made me nauseas. My aversions have been odd. They are the ones that you don't actually hear to often. Think I'm kidding? I'll prove it:

1. All Shampoo and Conditioner, I wash and rinse while holding back the vomit.
2. Cigarette smoke: I don't care if the last time you smoked was 2 years ago, I'll smell it and get really bitchy and sick. If you smoke, don't come near me for your own self preservation.
3. My craft drawer. The smell of cardstock and paper is just horrendous right now. So, if you have a birthday/anniversary anytime soon, don't expect a handmade card from me right now. It's not because I don't love you, it's because I don't want to send you a card covered in puke...yum.
4. Fresh Air. Screw you nature, now even you have turned against me. I kid you not, each evening while whimpering on my couch, the mere smell of the outdoors is sickening to me...Nature! Who would've thought!
5. The computer. No, it's really not my scapegoat for laziness, really. But the thought of writing about my sickness makes me even sicker.

You can be guaranteed, that if I don't pass out from sickness, once this is over with, I will be writing my version of "What to expect, that they don't tell you to expect, when you are expecting".

Oh, and yes, I am 9 weeks pregnant right now. I've got 3 more weeks, or shall I say you have 3 more weeks of complaining to endure. Complaining about sickness that is. I am sure I will find a new thing to whine about at the 12 week mark.

P.S. I have not proof read this as I am as sick as sick can be. Forgive me.

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