Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The shirt told me to

Why am I always the last to know? I just read about this on S.J.'s site and immediately ran over to Target's website only to find that the crazy activist already got their hands on this one. Personally, I am dying for this T-Shirt, I think it is absolutely hysterical. I do see an epidural in my near future, and I have every intention of having a drug induced delivery. I also think that my baby won't die if I feed him/her Gerber rather than making my own baby food. And breastfeeding? Don't get me started. Now, the crazy activists feel as if newly pregnant women such as myself will see this shirt and decide that natural childbirth is just not for them...based on a stupid shirt? I hate to reiterate what many like S.J. have already said, but, if uneducated Americans are really that stupid, they shouldn't be reproducing anyhow. For me, I am ordering mine tonight. Not from Target of course, but from the here where the shirt originated from. Get a sense of humor America!

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