Monday, April 11, 2005

Let's toast, I'll bring the juice!

Thursday HcG levels:


Monday HcG levels:


Now, obviously I was just a little off by what the numbers were supposed to look like. I know for sure that these numbers are right because as the doctor read them to me I told him to slow down because I needed to make sure I post the most accurate numbers on website tonight. Well, I didn't say that exactly but it sounded like that in my head.

If you didn't notice, yeah baby, I more than doubled my numbers....even through this spotting my pregnancy is progressing. I can't even begin to find the accurate words to describe the relief that just washed over me. It's the best news I have heard since March 11. Wednesday should have been a happy day when I found out we were pregnancy again, but after discovering the spotting, it just rained on my parade. Tonight I have even found myself secretly happy and looking forward to this pregnancy. However, I quickly reign my thoughts back in and remember how oblivious I was when I miscarried the first time. My new goal is Friday as that is the day that I am 5 weeks. I know people, it's such a small number, that drives me crazy too. I am just at the beginning of this and I am already stressing. But before we know it I will be 10 weeks and we would have heard the heartbeat. So, no uncrossing yet...I want those fingers, toes, tongues and eyes crossed until I tell you otherwise.

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