Monday, April 11, 2005

Cross everything you got

I had an appointment this morning to give blood, what a great way to start the day. The bottom line here is all about the numbers. On Thursday my baseline was 1400 ~ I think, maybe she said 1200, I can't remember. But let's just say it was 1400, alright? The blood work today needs to now say 2800, or 2400 if it truly was 1200, but you get the point....whatever the number was on Thursday, it needs to come back doubled. It won't come back until, maybe, late afternoon...say around 4:30 ish or it might come back tomorrow morning. See, this is what sucks (amongst plenty of other things) about this situation, there is no such thing as absolute, no black and white, only gray, only guesses. I hate gray. What does it mean if the numbers aren't doubled? Ahh, that is the problem here: it means I will most likely miscarry. So, join with me by crossing everything you got in hopes for doubled numbers.

***She says with her eyes, fingers, toes and tongue crossed***

Please don't miscarry, please don't miscarry, please don't miscarry

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