Monday, February 28, 2005

Pictures speak louder than words...

As you can see, Derek is a big hit with his nieces!

Sister & Best Friends, Jenn and Em (we were missing our 3rd partner in crime!)

The perfect picture for the picture ending


I know I promised pictures throughout my vacation, yeah, I even used the word "lots". Granted I didn't post them everyday, but I did create a new album with over 60 pics from our trip, does that count? After much praying to the Sun gods, the clouds finally parted and we were able to squeeze in a beach day on Friday and a full day out on the boat today. All in all, it's been a great's been what I've made it. I could have sat in a corner and complained, but as I said before, in the usual ***** fashion, I took out my bag a sugar and went to town. Of course tomorrow will pose an interesting day with all the snow up north. Luckily we'll get clobbered and have a layover in Baltimore so I can go home and see my mom and my that would be the perfect ending to the perfect vacation!

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