Sunday, March 06, 2005

So we're all clear

It's really not a fun welcome home to get off the plane, after 5 days in snowless Florida, and walk into what seems like a blizzard. 10 inches of pure snow fun my friends. It was pretty exciting, not because I like snow or anything but because we definitely were not prepared. Really, D jinxed it. As we were parking the car before our flight, D mentioned how crappy it was that the parking garage was filled. He said that now we have to park in the regular lots and how much it would suck if it snowed while we were gone and then we would have to scrape the car. Yes, he said it then didn't even prepare us for his prediction. I had no coat. I had a single sweatshirt, capri sweats, and those trendy little heel'less sneakers. Not fun in snow. D at least had on full pants, full shoes and a fleece. Can you guess who stayed inside and didn't scrape the car off?

But, even with our snowy welcome back, I can say that the vacation really was successful. I know it was, regardless of 2 rainy days, because I found myself numerous times forgetting what day it was. Now that's when you know your relaxed. Although we did have 2 crappy days,our last day there proved that begging the sun gods does work and we spent the entire day on the boat. Now I could go on and on and give exact daily detail of trip, but that would just be boring, so I won't punish you. But that is why I haven't posted for a while. Really, I have nothing. Well, I do have more bouts of complaining about my stupid work, but I do want people to continue to read my site and out of fear of sounding like a cry baby, I'll just tell those who make the mistake of calling me instead!

Now, onto the question of the week: Are you pregnant? The answer to that is simple. I don't know! Really, my body just isn't cooperating with me. I promise I will post either way, but for now, just know "it" was due Friday, but sometimes for laughs "it" will decide not to come until Sundays. We are in limbo right now. But, just as a disclaimer, here are the things you are not allowed to say if I am not pregnant:

1. My sister's cousin's friend tried for 2 years before she got pregnant

Now, this response does me no good. I am not your sister's cousin's friend. The only person who can tell me how long it took them to get pregnant are people who are biologically related to me. And that person has already told me how long it took them to get pregnant. I have a friend who just told me she got pregnant each time, first try. See, that doesn't help. I am not trying to be harsh here folks, but I gotta be fair, if the people who get pregnant by just looking at sperm can't tell me, other's can't either.

2. You are trying too hard.

Really, that should be the first rule. However, I am too lazy to cut and paste. Really, I hate to be blunt, but we're all adults here, we know how pregnancy occurs so I'm not going to use some cutesy terms for "it" (okay, I just did, but that was for example only). The only approach I took to try to get pregnant was have sex. The only way possible to try less is to basically stop having sex. If you tell me stop trying so hard then I will never get pregnant. I didn't do the basal body temperatures. I didn't make any pretty charts. I didn't time when we would try. There was no pillow's under hips. I did check my cervix though. But I do that every month so I know when my period will start to avoid any surprises on pretty clothes. Other than that, I just did it. Every day of the cycle. And that is it.

3. You should try to chart your temps/raise your hips/make pretty charts

Now, I have heard this from the same people that have told me to not try so hard, that I should also do all the above. folks, that is just confusing. It's like being a Liberal but yet you still voted for Bush. It doesn't make sense. Choose a side and stick with it. I realize that this rule does not apply to all. But I had to state it. You're really confusing me. Don't try too hard, but try just hard enough. I know when I ovulate because as stated above I know my Cervix very well, we are close. It tells me point blank when I ovulate. I don't need charts, I don't need to mark my temps...the Cervix tells all. The only thing I might consider, if not pregnant by the summer, is the hip thing. That's it.

On Friday when I spotted (did I mention that earlier?) I cried. I cried really hard for a really long time. I was so sad that D called my sister, he only does that in cases of dire emotional emergencies. It really was a big surprise that I responded that way. I did so good at not trying to hard and not dwelling on it that when I thought my period started I was crushed. I guess you can "act" like you're not trying to hard, you can think like you're not trying to hard, but deep down inside, well, that just can't be fooled. So, if my period does start today (which I think it will) I will want encouragement. I will want some "hang in there's" and "it will happen" or even "I remember how sad I felt". These will help greatly. But the 3 others stated above, well, that'll just make me feel worse!

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