Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Don't disappoint us, and by us I mean you and me

This weeks installment of Class Participation has officially ended...and ended with an excellent turnout. I knew I could trust you dear internet, you're always there for me and for that I will be forever in you debt. I feel like I am just gonna have to close my eyes and jump feet first into becoming a parent. Just like I did when I got married. I was just as petrified when I married D because like having a child, I knew that this was also forever, no turning back. It might have taken me a little longer to walk down the aisle, but regardless...the girl who had the most bets against her for ever settling down..settled down. Successfully and happily. I know I can do this parenting thing and as stated as #9 on my list..I will prove everything I've heard wrong!

So was I the only person out there who ditched the State of the Union Address? Well, before you call me an uneducated American please realize that my attention span is at the level of my sweet Gabi girl. I barely get through Church. Heck, I barely get through listening to my messages on my machine...and a 2 hour speech, nah, I don't think so. I instead did the next best thing and watched reruns of Sex and the City. So not to sound so pathetic as if my life is dictated by this show but tonight there was a quote that just made me laugh and think about me being a parent. Me, the Klutz who had a bowling accident last week. The sister of the Klutz that had to endure stiches in her hand that same night due to falling Pyrex. I break everything. Wireless cards, cellphones, numerous pairs of glasses...and yes, sadly I have even cracked my head. Twice. And broke an arm. That was done all under the age of 3. Here is the "clip" that brought such to me:

Miranda: (sitting on the stairs, very pregnant talking to Carrie) ....she was just trying to point out what needed to be childproofed. Oh my Gosh!

Carrie: What?

Miranda: I'm what needs to be childproofed! Can I tell you a secret, I dropped my niece on her head. How is this child ever going to make it?

And with that I just thought...ah, Baby Jr., how are you ever going to make it? I trip and fall and run into walls daily. Heck, I choke on my own saliva...yes, MY OWN SALIVA. And I am going to be carrying a tiny human with me. Can babies sustain bruises in the womb? I sure hope not!

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