Tuesday, February 08, 2005

But this is me being nice to someone I don't like

There's this ongoing joke in my family that if you want to know if I am mad at you just read my site. For the most part there is a lot of truth to that statement. I do enjoy the occasional vent. It helps ward off un-necessary cat fights. I'm pissed at you. I vent on site. I feel better. The world carries on. Many of you might remember the situation of Girl and Boy #3. If not, review the story. So since that incident I never really had the time to really fill you all in. When I got back from my month of hell in October Girl came over to discuss that particular situation with me. Keeping in mind that October wasn't the cheeriest of months, I was not the cheeriest of people. And confrontation. Not a good idea at that point if you wanted me to be passive. So Girl comes over when I have returned and makes up a bunch of wooha trying to explain her point of view. She droned on and on trying hard to just out talk me until I gave up and ran to the martini bar. When she finally stopped the droning she ended with the statement (stupid for her) "You're not mad at me are you?".

To which I replied "Of course I am mad at you. You'd be stupid to think I wouldn't be mad at you. I don't really respect people who chooses their sleeping buddy over their girlfriends".

And with that she left with her tail between her legs and it has been there ever since. She has made a excellent effort at trying to rebuild the friendship. And really folks, I could care less that I didn't go to that party. I could care less that she went with Boy #3. I really am not mad at her. I just don't care anymore. Well, and I don't really respect her anymore, that's more of the issue. And as if I could have lost anymore respect for her, she came over to see me a couple of weeks back to let me know that she was now moving in with Boy #3. This is the same Boy that was just her bed partner. Nothing more. That was October. Now it's (then) January and he is now the love her of life. I know this guy. He is an idiot. My friends know this guy. They know he is an idiot. She again made the stupid mistake of asking for my opinion. And you know what I said? Nothing. Yep. I gave no opinion what-so-ever. My only response was: "It doesn't matter what I think because you will do whatever you want anyway".

Now, I know many of you must be thinking how petty I am being. Emily, she apologized. She can't help it if she is madly in love with the Captain Morgan's weekend worker, you say. See my friends, I know she apologized. I accepted her apology. But the love is gone. I would also think that she would get the picture and just move on with her life. But she doesn't. Today while home during my lunch break the phone rings. It's the generic number to D's work so I answer and quickly state to Derek that he's got 2 min before I've got to leave. It's not Derek though it's the Girl. And she asks if I will be available on Wednesday because she would really love to spend some quality time with me. Um, hello, did you not get the memo? This is me being nice to someone I don't like. Don't you notice the difference? I honestly don't know how much more I should ignore her until she gets the point. How do you nicely end the relationship. When she comes over it's just so uncomfortable because I am literally forcing the nice out of me. Forcing. Eeesh. I actually made intentional plans tonight to be gone tomorrow. How pathetic is this? D says I can't avoid her much longer. D obviously doesn't know that avoidance is my speciality!

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