Saturday, January 29, 2005

Third times a charm!

Against D's initial will, we went on our 3rd blind couple date and I am finally able to report that it was a success. Compared to the other 2 times, this was like love at first sight! The first couple we ever went out with did get a second date but to our disappointment the husband smoked AND was a youth leader. D and I have no problem with people who smoke but do have a problem with people who smoke and who are also youth leaders in a church. We both feel that if you take up leadership in a church you are held to a higher standard hence neither of us being leaders because we enjoy acting like heathens! Now the second couple we went out with turned out to be super duper strange Christians so that didn't work. The night was great until the girls husband asked if D and I wanted to go to a couples bible study. We might had considered it if it was any night other than Wednesday because that is D's guy night. Ever since D moved here, and as long as I can remember, one night a week the guys would get together, order take out and watch there favorite shows. In the past year the night has moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. It's his night and that is something I will never take away from him. Well, the super dupers thought this was very unchristian of us to not go to bible study because of some television programs. I tried to explain to them that it is more that the television it's D's guy time. There was no hearing it. For now on they would just have to pray for our television watching souls because we all know that the more bible studies you go to the better your chances are at getting into heaven! Well, round 3 was a success from the start. I had told D if it was going bad we would bail after dinner and go home. But within the first 10 minutes we decided to ditch the movie plan and go bowling! We had a blast! It went so well that even pictures were taken! If I could offer anyone any piece of advice on how to start off a couples blind date well it would be this: Go eat at a wings place. Guys love wings. Guys bond tightly over wings. Wings + Guys = Success! Remember that formula!

Christy, Me and Adrienne

D, Nate and Chris

Now for our wonderful weekend, it will involve replacing the items that Emily has broken or continues to break. At the moment I am typing this on the desktop. So? You might say. Well, I always use the laptop. I have actually become very territorial over it. However I keep breaking the wireless card. After this weekend I will have bought 3 wireless cards. But really, it isn't my fault. I was destined to break things. Just last night, I broke my nail. I broke my nail bowling on our blind date. But it is really how I broke it. I dropped the stupid bowling bowl and while it was falling out of my hands my stupid thumb got caught in the hole and my nail ripped off. I mean, who do you know that acquires a casualty bowling? And if that isn't proof enough, while I was tearing my thumb nail off my sister was being rushed to the emergency room with a sliced hand that required stitches. Apparently she was getting a Pyrex dish down from the cabinet and forgot about the glass plates that laid on top of the dish. They fell crashing down leaving poor Jenn with a sliced up hand. It required numerous stitches. This is why I encourage everyone to buy Tupperware. So, this ***** klutz gene is hereditary. My father being the worst of the ***** klutz. So it shouldn't be any surprise to D that I will end up breaking everything eventually. Except my digital camera. I adore my digital camera. That I will treat like it is my child which I hope I don't break like I do everything else! Poor baby *******, I apologize already for your Mom's klutziness (no, I am not prego yet, just preparing my apology).

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