Friday, January 28, 2005

How do you teach an old dog new tricks?

When D and I got married, we went out all the time with his work friends...there was a pretty large group of us and we would go to dinner and a movie almost every weekend. Over the past year that group has dwindled off for various reasons. One of our friends got divorced and moved to Idaho. The two girls who would bring there flavor of the months are currently so fascinated with this months flavors that they can't see the light of day. So, that leaves only one friend, dear Phil who as of recent has become quite the recluse. Unfortunately D has joined Phil's side. D and I have in the past tried to find other friends from different areas. The two times we have gone on these blind dates of sort they have completely bombed. Trying to get D to meet new people is like pulling teeth, it's more painful for me because he fights me all the way. He tends to get this trait from certain members of his family. If D had his way the computer would be his one and only friend. For me, I am always looking for new faces. I am very much a introvert but am not stupid that I don't realize how important building friendships outside of 208 Solomon Ave. is. This week I met this friend of my dear friend. We hit it really well. You know, it's hard to find others who watch every rerun of Sex and the City with the remote in one hand and a Martini in other then wake up on Sunday and are in church! So, tonight will be round 3 of meeting friends. We are going out with 2 other couples, one of which being my new friend Adrienne and her hubs. D is frustrated. He has complained. He has tried to come up with excuses of why he doesn't want to go. I am just not hearing it. Nope. We are going out. I will break his recluse cycle. His main complaint: I keep trying to match him with other engineers. mean of me trying to find other couples that we would have something in common with. Geez, I am a bad wife. I told D that I promise the next couple we go out with will be gay ice skaters. Maybe then that will make him feel happier. So wish us luck tonight because we really need some couple friends and I really like this couple. And yes, I do realize that if D reads this he will so be mad at me for posting this for the internet world to see.

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