Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Secret Single Behavior

I really didn't plan on continuing the topic from Monday's post. I have ended up talking about the subject matter to 2 other women who are bold enough to openly admit that they too get frustrated when their significant others decide to turn the tables on them an intrude on their me time. I was so glad to hear that it is not only me that let's out a disappointed sigh when the significant other announces his invasion plans on me. Not as if it was enough to hear it from 2 other reliable sources, how stinkin ironic is it that this same subject was the beginning topic of the Sex & the City rerun on TBS last night (please note: I do prefer watching the reruns on HBO).

And strangely enough Derek didn't feel well today and came home early. See I come home for lunch each day. And for that half hour I absorb the silence and the joy of being utterly alone. I am never alone. D never leaves. He is always here. And by always here I mean he goes to one place, and one place only and that is work. If he is not at work you can be guaranteed that he is here. If he is not here, or at work he is with me. Now me on the other hand, I am not always at home. D get's his alone time to do his alone things. I go to my girlfriends houses. I go to Bible Study. I travel to see my family. But not D. He just stays here. So, the times that he is not here (which is only when he is at work) I relish. I love. I look forward too. Today D called me at work at 2:15 saying he was going home because he was not feeling well. I had not had lunch yet so I dropped everything I was doing and ran home to enjoy the 15 few minutes of this day that I would have alone. The rest of the afternoon just wasn't the same. I rely on those 30 minutes. D doesn't quite understand what the difference is whether he is here or not. I have never been able to put it into words. I have just had to tell him to trust me, it's different. I have never been able to put it into words until last night while I was watching my Sex & the City rerun as Carrie Bradshaw put it so eloquently:

"I miss walking into my apartment with no one there and it's all quiet and I can do that stuff you do when you're totally alone. Things you would never want your significant other see you do. My SSB: my Secret Single Behavior."

Even the writers of my dear show know this dilemma all us females reach at some point in our lives. I know my SSB's. For one..when I get home for my break I walk in, throw my shoes off, take off my glasses and raid the frig. Only I don't actually take the time to make a sandwich, I take each of the sandwiches components and eat them separately while sitting on the floor at my coffee table watching TLC. It's behavior like that that D would think was totally weird,it's stuff you just can't do in front of men. So confess ladies, what is your SSB? Don't make me feel alone.

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