Thursday, January 20, 2005

All tuckered out and only one place to go...

I am just so wiped out tonight! Add an asthma attack on top of exhaustion and it just isn't a good thing. So I am turning off the laptop early..shutting down the brain (not to say it isn't already) and going to bed. While your waiting for my next post I will leave you with some shopping to do. I am not sure if you noticed the pretty (and ironically Christmas looking) link I added. It is to my friend Jenn's site. I met Jenn over 10 years ago while working at Family Christian Stores (which really needs to take the title 'Christian' out of it's title, but that's a topic for a different day). Poor Jenn, who is a couple years older than me, met me while I was in high school and put up with my bratty princess behaviors. Thank God I grew up and she hung on and saw the potential in me because now I consider her a treasured dear friend. She is a stay-at-home mom of 4 gorgeous kids; 2 boys 2 girls, the perfect mix and homeschool's each of them. To help with the bills so she can stay home, she has started selling Tupperware as an independent consultant. We all know how hard it is to raise kids with just one income....and you know how hard it is to serve your kids glass cups.

So, go check out Jenn's site and buy some plastic cups, it'll cause less fights.

**Blogger is being really idiotic and won't let me link so please use the link to the left (remember the Christmas looking one) and get to her site that way!

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