Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Random thoughts from such a Random kind of Girl

For the life of me today I just couldn't concentrate...total ADHD girl today. I would just stare and stare at that pesky old computer screen in front of me and kept forgetting what the heck I was supposed to be working on. I have just had the most random thoughts running through my mind all day long...completely totally random. How random you may be asking? Well this just must be your lucky of luckiest days because I am going to share them you...you oh so dear internet:

1. I am so so lovin my hair right now. Like lovin it as I did in High School when it was long and pretty and so cheerleader'ish

2. How on earth am I supposed to take a rapper seriously with a name like Twista. I mean, the song was sounding good until MTV had to announce the name of the rapper and then I just lost respect...how freekin pathetic has the Rap industry gotten that they have to name themselves after a meal option on the KFC menu.

3. While listening to Collision Course CD I am all about the Jay-Z part and D has always been liking the Linkin Park part better. But now that I have had him listen to it for a while now...he is starting to like Jay-Z...that is just so cute because D doesn't really like Rap!!

4. I am going to be having one heck of a time deciding what to watch on T.V. tonight because there are 3 shows that come on at the same time and my DVR can only record 2 at one time. Good news is that Veronica Mars is a rerun.

5. I spent way WAY to much money on eBay this weekend....darnit to heck, how on earth am I going to explain to D why I can't pay for my student loan this month because I won 3 auctions that I was hoping to loose along with the other 5 that I did want to win...ooops! And this is the reason I am so very thankful I took Heather's advice and have separate checking accounts b/c now I have time before I have to break the news to him.

6. I am in love with Chocolate Martini's and by love I mean throw away every other type of drink in my frig I am just all about the Chocolate good stuff!

I know, that was such a boring post and probably a huge waste of your time and for that I apologize. I promise I will be more exciting after a few more Martini's!

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