Monday, January 17, 2005

A disclaimer on Me

Well, I finally did it folks....I've have finally finished up my Top 100 List of things about me. What else am I supposed to do on my day off with Derek here? I obviously can't sit around in my unmentionables watching TV because then Derek will know what I secretly do when he's not here! Just kidding though....there's no sitting around so exposed not because I'm shy or anything but because I am a human icecube and would freeze myself. Yes, I do believe that I am the only newly'ish wed who already wears the stereotypical flannels that all wives end up wearing at some point in time. But who the heck can blame me, it's cold here people, COLD I tell ya'. And I am being overly dramatic, I don't mind having an extra day here with the hubs, really I don't and I am not saying that just incase his family is reading this. I do enjoy the company of my best friend. Please no mean comments on how I need to be nicer, please!

Really though I did a have list which I have decided that I will be renaming as my "Top 100 list of Disclaimers you should read before continuing a friendship with me". See, I think when I first meet someone I come across one way but then they really really get to know me and our overly shocked and angered and feel like they were taken to the cleaners. See, I think this has just happened with a friend of mine who over the past couple of months has seen the "non-churchy" side of me and it has made her strangely uncomfortable. I think I should just hand this list to everyone before we continue with a friendship and make them sign it so then they can't get mad at me further down the road. I should become a notary and when it is signed and notarized I can treat it like a legal document. Of course as I type this I realize that it is only one group of people who I have this problem with and I don't want to stereotype any group of people so let's just say that said group of people are typically met at a House of the Almighty. Did my subtlety work....are you guys catching on?

Well anyways, S.J. has told me not to make your post to long because then people won't read your site and S.J. knows what she is talking about because a) she is a journalist and b) her site is HUGE and everyone reads her site, including me.

So I will end this tangent. But before I do, one more thing:


Oh yes, D and me are blowin this joint and gettin us some sunshine. Now my escape won't come until the end of February but it makes mornings like this, mornings where you wake up to 3 more inches of snow bearable. Last night I actually dreamt of packing my summer clothes, do you think that is a crystal clear sign that this girl is in desperate need of a vaction and some warm warm Sunshine?? I would think so!

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