Monday, January 03, 2005

The pessimists would say that 2005 has not started out as kindly to me as I wanted. After I typed my ultimatum to our New Year I passed out. No, not from to much toasting to this grand year, well, not toasting Champagne but Diamatap...does that count? Yep, passed out cold 1 minute after midnight and continued this brave New Year cooped up inside not seeing daylight until this morning when I dragged myself to work and coughed my way through the typical Monday rush with the bonus of not being there for over a week, you can just imagine the utter chaos of my day. But, no, I am not pessimistic about this fine beginning at all. It was great to take a few days being forced to stay indoors and clean, rest and rediscover that baby blanket I had forgotten I had started crocheting last year for my dear friend, who had her baby in July. Oh well! Of course right now it is just suitable for an inch worm but I am sure with a few more sick weekends like this it will be ready to bring warmth to any infant (any viable candidates out there?).

I should also mention that during this indoor'ish weekend I did upload all my pics from Christmas and updated my 100 things about me list, so check it out and make all that hard work worthwhile. And while I'm on the topic of topics I didn't bring up in the last post...did I mention how awesome this Christmas was? Did I also mention that I will no longer being fighting with the Photo Center at Sam's Club and bring the poor balding manager to his knees begging me to leave his store anymore? Why, you must ask? I FINALLY GOT A DIGITAL CAMERA!! Yes, my sweet father got sick of these sob stories and bought me my first digital...I must admit that I have gone just a wee bit crazy and have been taking a TON of pics, especially of myself with unwanting people, well really just my cats and my mom, they were the only ones who sat still long enough!

So, with the holidays abruptly coming to it's end, it is time to get back into my routine which has been off since October. Try being gone for a month unexpectedly and then try to get back on track, as Jenn and I have discovered it is very hard. For her though this task is becoming harder to reach everyday. I haven't shared this with many people because it has not been definite, but I believe that it is safe to tell you my dear internet friends! Jenn's husband works for Continental and after 9/11 got furloughed to Continental Express. All you need to understand about that is he went from making one larger figure to a smaller figure and the size of the plane shrunk with that salary and of course this all occurred within days of the birth of their 3rd child. Jenn and Tom have been on a real faith walk these past 3 years financially and emotionally. Well now Tom has been promoted (I think you could call it that) and will be back with the big wigs. To make a long story short...he has been based Newark, NJ from Cleveland, OH. Obviously the smartest move is for them to, well, move. Now I must freely admit, I am just ecstatic about this, she will only be 3 1/2 hours from me but this move will be very difficult for them as they have planted roots in Ohio. But, one thing I have learned in life, God will put you on your mountain, allow you to regain strength and perspective, and when HE knows you are prepared He will bring you into valleys...these valleys are always unpleasant AND they are always scary. I do realize that these past couple of months I've had a bone to pick with God. My faith has been tested. I wouldn't say that I have failed, but I would say that I have re-evaluated where I need to stand. I definitely have let go of the shirt tails of my mother's faith and that of those around me and grasped onto my own ~~ it something that everyone at some point must do. Although God and I have been debating about His intentions for me, I in no way have lost faith or began believing that He does not have plan for me and my family members...I just disagree with His plan at times. So, what the heck was my point? Oh, I have no clue. I rambled to much. To save this though I will end by saying, my sis is going through a tough time and considering she is one of my best friends, this concerns me to. So, cheer her up..go visit her site and leave her a sweet'll make her day. Of course, I must note that when I look at the gigantic house she is about to purchase my gauge of sympathy falls many notches!

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