Friday, December 31, 2004

I feel like in the spirit of the New Year buzz I should be posting some type of New Year'ish fun. But I simply am out of witty neat things to say tonight. However, when I was a in elementary school (I don't remember what grade it was) I remember having to write these mock letters to imaginary people for book reports explaining what we had been forced to read. I loved these type of book reports. So, in the season of reminiscing, I feel like writing a quick letter to 2005.

Dear 2005,

As you are just about to make your approach on us, I feel as if it is necessary to speak to you about a couple of things. It is quite obvious that this should have been done for 2004, and 1999 when I think about it. 2004 was not very kind to me or my family this year. Actually, I can name other years to, but I won't put you in the middle of it. However, every year I make these resolutions, promises one could call it to you, father of time. Each year I work very hard at keeping these promises but I am becoming aware that this is just a one way street because recently you have not been keeping promises to me. I give and give, you take and take and never give back in return. So this year I am going to make it very clear, we are going to write a contract. Here is what I am willing to give if you are willing to work with me here. First of all, I am willing to be a teeny bit nicer to D even when he completely frustrates me with questions that make me want to twist my head off. I promise that instead of spewing vulgarities out of my mouth I will kindly bite my tongue and walk away. Secondly, and we'll have to see how it goes, I promise to stop being so addicted to T.V. But is it really my fault? I mean, if you feel you must blame someone you should blame D for buying that darn HD 46" T.V. It is just so purty and tempting to watch, especially those darn Sex and the City reruns that I am like glued to 3x's a week. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not promising to cancel my HBO, no no, I will not go that far. But, I can say that I will work very hard at cutting back on those intriguing reality T.V. shows. Who really can resist Trading Spouses, it's just so captivating. I do promise I will not watch Who's Your Daddy though. That 2005 is a promise I believe I can keep. Now if I am willing to give up so much T.V. you MUST consider giving me nicer weather this winter because if you don't I won't be able to go anywhere forcing me to sit on my couch and watch my disgustingly huge T.V. therefore vetoing this deal. Lastly, I promise to work on my potty mouth. No, really, that isn't a good one. I can't do that, that's just to much detoxing right now. Now here is what I need from you. This whole illness with the parental figures has just got to end, really, it's just not funny anymore. Secondly, I want more money. I totally realize I don't need more money, but I really want more. If I intend on bringing a little me into this world this year, or even consider this thought, you must bring me more money. Plain and Simple. It's driving me crazy. And Gabi is getting so big that someone must have a baby soon so I am really feeling the pressure because really I am the only viable candidate right now. Okay? Now, my last deal breaker here, I need you to improve the housing market this year. I didn't think it was very nice of 2004 to allow me to get out bid by $15,000 on my dream house, that was just cruel. Okay, so that is it. I don't think I am asking to much of you and the things I am willing to do will actually work in your favor allowing you to be remembered as an excellent year. Do you really want to be remembered the way 1999 and 2004 are? I didn't think so. You have 40 minutes left to ponder my request.

Yours Truly,


Now, I do need to mention that my big sis' Jenn (with my computer expertise) has redone her blog and has promised to update it or I will remove her link from my site!! Ahh...the eventual payback of the little sister. So, if you are sick of reading my site, go check hers out!

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