Sunday, January 16, 2005

Coffee anyone?

Typically on Sundays I am mourning the end to my weekend. I am usually so sad that it is ending that I count down the hours I have left until I have to go to sleep which officially ends the weekend. I'll say to myself:

"'s only 8:00 pm which means you have atleast 4 more hours until you have to go to bed..4 more hours of weekend time".

This is quite pathetic, I know and most likely a true sign that I really dislike working. But it's really not the work I do that I don't like, it's just the "environment" that cause angst you see. It would just work out a heck of alot better if I could do that said work here in the comfort of my apartment. I would even allow them to forward the phones here....I think if it could work out that way I would not do the Sunday dread.

However, today there will be no Sunday dread because the office is closed tomorrow ~and~ I actually get holiday pay for it! So, anyone up for coffee tomorrow? Hmmm, come on, don't be shy!

Poor Derek, this is the guy who is afraid to take a day off when I have a day off because he knows this is strictly prohibited. If any of his family members read this site I am sure you are wanting to pack your bags and come here to rescue him. But before you do that I have a disclaimer. See, here is what happens: When I know I have a day off, a day here without D I typically plan on a "Me" day and the things that I would like to do here by myself. I begin to really look forward to it because it is rare that I get time to myself. And then what will happen is the night before my "Me" day D will tell me he will now be invading it. Now, you to would be very disappointed about this. And, when D does take the day off on my "Me" days he has a tendency to sit in the same spot on the couch all day long. Again, sorta invades my space here people!! So in the spirit of kindness.....Derek will be here tomorrow on MY day off.

So, I ask again, coffee anyone?

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