Wednesday, January 12, 2005

And the Suckiest Friend Award goes too....

Geez people...I can't even thing of one interesting thing to write...last week it was like "Oh my I can't get into blogger fast enough" but now, it's just,'s not really a boring week. To be perfectly honest I have had a very very hectic week at work but I am pretty sure I would be boring all of you in internet world with the details. Really there are only 2 people who read this site that would find my week remotely interesting and I plan on seeing one of them soon and considering nothing really exciting is happening in my life right now I was saving that to tell her so I don't seem, well, boring. No, just kidding, Maryann knows that even if I did post my week here I would:

a) tell her about it anyway
b) talk on and on about mindless stuff that clutters my brain

Gosh, I am so glad she loves me b/c I think if I was my friend I would tell me to shut up! And talking about friends I really suck as one. See, here is thing. I have this friend who really has the right to fly to New York and put a flaming bag of her choice on my doorstep because the 1 year anniversary of the death of her mom passed and I never called. See, I suck. I know she will forgive me and then even worse, she won't even hold a grudge because that is type of person she is. That is what makes me suck even more because I could never ever do that. Take for instance my "friend" and neighbor, we shall call her Stupid Girl or for short, S.G. (not to be mistaken with S.J. the Sarcastic Journalist). Well, as you might recall S.G. did me wrong. Ever since then everytime she comes over to say hello I am seriously squeezing every nice word I possibly can out of my throat. It has been so hard not to act as if her mere presence is a huge nuisance because, really, it is. So, this weekend she came over and the Husband answered the door. I told him not to but he insisted because she knows we're home. I don't care if she knows I'm home, I treat the door like I do the phone..if I don't want to talk I don't answer! But not D, he just isn't comfortable doing that, so of course he lets her in. At the time I was doing my laundry and really going slow so to look too busy to talk. S.G. asks me how much longer will I be, I say 15 minutes thinking she will leave and then I can lock her out..clearly instructing the Husband NOT to answer the stinkin door next time she knocks. Unfortantely she says "Okay" instead and goes and sits with D. Great, of course the laundry only takes me, 10 seconds so I must give in and talk to her. It is then she informs me that she will be moving out in the end of January to move in with Boy #3. This surprising doesn't even catch me off guard and I just shrug and walk away. Now, finally the point....see, my sweet Melissa would never just shrug like I did and be relieved and walk away. She would have been upset because she would have forgiven S.G and re-established the friendship so that this news might atleast make her respond with more than a "Hmm". Not me though....I am counting the days that I don't gasp when I hear the door bell. And that my friends is why I suck.

On a side note..I keep telling my sister, if you really want to know if I am mad at you, go read my site..I guess I really wasn't lying, huh?

Now, what the heck was I saying about nothing exciting to write about?

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