Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Very sad thing here. I sent out 40 Handmade Christmas cards this year. I have realized of those 40 people I worked hard to get cards out to, only 10% of those people actually like me because I have only received 4 cards this year ~ 4 cards! What the heck is up with that people? I just don't get next year, goodbye time consuming handmade cards, hello Dollar Store General computer generated signature cards...except for the 10% of my Christmas Card list that actually likes me, thank you 10% for keeping that Christmas Spirit alive. Of course I am still holding out just a little hope that maybe, just maybe, while I am gone next week the cards will come pouring in and I will have to eat humble pie. Please people, prove me wrong, please prove to me that I am not so pathetic that I only receive 4 cards for Christmas.

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