Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Dear Johnsy,

Today, 2 years ago, you bravely went where no man had the courage to venture before....you legally became part of my family and married me. For that I am grateful..I am grateful that you were able to look over all the mistakes I had made and saw me as your Princess. I am grateful that through all the confusion of our engagement, you stayed and are commitment to me even in my moodiest of days. It takes a very strong man to marry a *****, this we all know very well. I wish I had the money to buy you the most expensive gift so instead I will give you the gift of a list, it's the next best thing! So, below I have complied a list of reasons why I like being married, what I like about you, and what I enjoy about being your wife:

I love being married because:

1. I never have to be afraid of things that go bump at night because I know you'll protect me.
2. I have someone to make coffee for me on Saturday mornings even though you know that I am fake sleeping so don't have to make it.
3. I like the way you let me play reindeer games with you even after I accidentally hurt you and laugh.
4. I have my own personal chauffeur
5. I never have to put gas in the car because you always do it for me
6. I love the sound of your laugh
7. I have my own personal Computer Specialist on call 24/7
8. I love how cute your are playing with my nieces and nephews
9. Your even cuter when you get really really mad, it's funny!
10. How you get frustrated when I am being stubborn
11. You always listen to my stories
12. I can be silly around you and you act silly along with me
13. You let me love all things cats
14. You have taught me to say "I'm sorry"
15. Accept me the way I am with all my mistakes and flaws, you still love me!

Happy Two Year my Johnsy!

Your Princess


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