Monday, December 13, 2004

So where was I....ah, yes, I think I ended with the flu. I was not lucky. Sure I didn't get it over the weekend but I was sorta hoping to feel the slightest bit sick by Monday because I really didn't have the time to be at work. Mom pulled a muscle in her incision and needed me to come home which meant I left Thursday evening only giving me 3 days to do 7 days worth of "stuff" and by "stuff" I mean 2 big card orders, decorate entire place for Christmas, go Christmas shopping, do the mountain o' laundry which had taken over the closet and all the other things that come along with being a domestic goddess such as myself that spends her days at work only to come home and....still be working. So, I felt like I was in a race and by Thursday evening at the airport all out of steam I was just unbearable to be around. You could compare my temperament to that of a overly exhausted 3 year old after a day at the pool. Granted I didn't have temper tantrum right there in the airport ~~ which was quite tempting as I get a bit annoyed each time at what are government calls security which is no more than McDonald's employees frisking me for kicks ~~ oops, wrong soap box ~~ but rather I called my mom with tears in my eyes asking if I could come home. Although I was there to perform numerous manual labor tasks which she is now incapable of doing, it was just what I needed, my mom's shoulder to cry on (of course I didn't really cry as I don't have tear duct so really I just complained with a whiney tone). Coming back to Albany yesterday was just sad and I was very bitter to be back, trust me, D can vouch for that one. Even the cookies and Nachos weren't enough to lift my spirits.

Alright, I forgot my point...ah yes, catching up from the last before leaving for D.C. my four days were as hectic as could be (as I mentioned) not only on the homefront, but also at work. With the "new girl" now gone, all of my tedious paperwork has landed back on my desk, but trust me, I would much rather put up with that than her squealy little voice. Oh, and yes, I did put up my Christmas decorations but am still going around with my Buh Humbug attitude because now I am thinking how much work it will be when I have to get them put away. Vicious cycle my friends, my life has become a bubble of frustration.

But one thing that has made me chuckle numerous times tonight, and mind you it is very uncool that I even post this, but it IS the only thing that has had be chuckling for a hours recently, so it deserves it's time here. If I were to name this post it would be called:

The one thing you never thought you'd have to ask your friend

My old roommate from college gave me call tonight. Normally I ignore the call and let the answering machine pick it up and promise that I will reconnect with her at a later time. Well, 2 weeks ago I did answer her phone call too which she informed me she was pregnant again and due anytime. So when she called tonight I knew why she was calling and figured she deserved it, I mean, the girl just pushed out a watermelon for crying out loud. Well, our conversations are typically one sided, she does the talking and I do the listening. It's been that way since she had her first child 3 years ago. I didn't really agree with her marrying the baby's father when she found out she was pregnant, the guy is a scumb bag and has been so since college. You know, we go through the phase of dating these kinds of guys during that time of our life but you leave them were their supposed to be, at college, you don't go marrying them, even if you are pregnant (no offense to any guy I knew in college that is not directed at you). Of course it would have helped if he went to college but oh no, he was always looking for that perfect job. But, she didn't heed my friendly advice and the wedding took place with a Salvation Army reception (no joke, it really did). Since then she has been talking up her life like it is one big pimp party ~~ I can read that girl like a book and know it is all a front ~~ but I listen because I love her dearly and patronize her. Tonight she was going on and on about how when they get their tax return she is going to pay off their truck, sell there home and build a log cabin (the log cabin thing also makes me laugh just a little). So, here is the punch line, out of pure curiosity and trying to keep up I had to ask "So, do you live in a single wide or a double wide" to which she answered "Single wide, it is a '99 model, we should be able to get $16,000 for it"

Now, no offense to those of you who grew up in a trailer, really. Please don't go and send me poison pen letters. But, I am a snob and I just find this quite comical really. But she doesn't have anything to prove. I already know that she had a better head on her shoulders than I ever did. She did all the right things in college that I didn't do. But, really, now if you insist on comparing, fine, you win, hands down. Yes, that college degree is paying off. Okay, no, that was mean, I take it back. Really.

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