Friday, December 03, 2004

Before I begin this post, this captivating look into my thoughts for this week, I must say that I am feeling much better about the "Mac" incident. So much better that I have decided to remove it's humiliation from this site. Of course, if some of you missed it, I would be more than happy to email it to's a pretty good read especially at 1 a.m. when you just can't sleep. I spoke to Cheese tonight and she was just so sweet, her normal sweet self that any grudge I might had held against her just seemed silly....really, Cheese is sweetheart. I did hear Mac speak in the background and I still felt a pang of frustration but figured, aye, what the heck, I got my revenge, even if it was only posted for a couple of days. What did make me laugh a little was when Cheese asked Mac a question referring to me, it did it's typical Mac tone, the one it uses when Cheese refers to someone it is mad (ie: tantruming about) at! But seriously...if you didn't get a chance to read it, please let me email it to's a classic!

So I found this week to be quite interesting, totally off the bell shape curved compared to other weeks. different your opinions become when you face them head on. What do I mean by that? Let's go back to Wednesday ~~ well, really we should go back to let's say 1 month ago when I told my flighty directors about this darn case ~~ we received a call at the Agency from our attorney who wanted to know if we would be going to court on Thursday. Of course neither directors had a clue to what he was talking about, so what do you do when you're complete yoyo's? Blame Emily and tell the attorney she never told you about that case...hmmm...well, that's a story for another day. The point is that I had to go to court on Thursday to basically prove to the Judge that this dead beat jerk's consent is not necessary to proceed with this adoption. While there though the couple who is wanting to adopt had to bring with them their 2 girls. Unfortunately both parents had to be in court at the same time, so, the Attorney and I took turns sitting with the girls while their mom's were in court.............(pause)..............(pause).....okay, did you catch that part? I thought I'd give you time....but yep, you read right, this particular couple is what us Americans call a same sex lesbian couple who are raising these amazing little girls. Alright, now, remember how I mentioned in the last post how these are my opinions and you are welcomed to disagree? Keep that in mind, but do it with an open one. Even before the mom's left the room, the little 4 1/2 year old had already been put in time out and the 8 year old was sternly reminded of the rules with "Momma" reminding her that she must listen to Mrs. ****. Of course I looked around the room to find this extra person in our party and realized she was talking about me! I was shocked! Typical parents these day don't even know about the first thing when it comes to edict and what to call an adult...and the girls listened b/c about 2 minutes later they both asked Mrs. **** if they could use have some water....they didn't call me Mrs. Emily or Emily or Hey you...but actually used their manners, and I thought that manners were just so taboo in today's society! Of course, I have no problem with Mrs. Emily...atleast the Mrs. is thrown in there, but I wasn't going to complain. Well, for the next half hour I sat with these incredible children as the 8 yr. old spoke to me with the vocabulary of a child twice her age! She told me about her Momma having cancer and needing special medicine that made her hair go away. She told me that many women survive this type of breast cancer her Momma had....yeah, she used that term with out hesitation. At the same time her 4 1/2 yr. old sister split a cup of water all over the floor. I jumped up to get napkins telling her to stay put....and to my shock...she did!! When I came back she really had no intention of helping, so I told her, you made the mess, you clean it up. "Okay Mrs. ****" was her only reply and she (of course I helped) did it, no complaints. I could just go on with example after example of how these two little girls just shocked me. How they obeyed and used their manners. How they were able to carry on conversations about the world other than the latest T.V. show. Actually, it turns out neither of them had a favorite show...but they had many favorite books and games to tell me about. And I could go on about how normal and perfectly grounded they were. So, what is my point exactly? Well, being raised in the faith I was, their parents lifestyle is right up there on the top 10 list of Don'ts....and #2b would be Don't like those who commit sin #2. I don't agree with their lifestyle, heck their are a lot of lifestyles I don't agree with. But, the point is, I know many more heterosexual parents who really deserve the suckiest parent award. Their children make me cringe so much that I refuse to see these people while their nightmares they've created are awake. I've also seen many kids from heterosexual families who have absolutely no clue, they are plopped in front of the noise box and think books were made for coasters only. But these kids...they were awesome and so confident. Am I saying hey, we all must go out and become Lesbians in order to be better parents? Duhhhh...of course not ya' yoyo (and I apologize if you weren't thinking that, that wasn't directed at you) What I am saying though is that any stereotype I might have had against them and their ability to parent and produce grounded kids ~~ well, let's just say I need to develop a new theory.

In other news, I totally keep on forgetting to post this.....the "New Girl" quit!! Yep, already, she has thrown in the towel after only 2 months! Can I say told ya so? How long did it take me to realize how plastic she was, ummmm....maybe after like 1 day of her joyful employment, and how long has it taken the rest of my brainwashed employees? Still waiting for them to admit it, but I think it would be fair to say 2 months!

I hope all have a splendid weekend. I sure as heck will try. I think I am getting sick, which really sucks because it's the weekend and I wanted to put up the Christmas Tree and hang some decorations so I stop going around saying "Buh Humbug" to everyone...please please flu can you wait until Monday?

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