Thursday, November 04, 2004

There's no place like home, there's no place like home...hmmmmmm

Well, okay Maryann, you are right (as usual!), Tsk Tsk on me for not updating everyone on mom, I mean, it was her that did have surgery right? Bad Emily! Mom is doing remarkably well even with a set back. Friday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and a UTI (as I did atleast note that in my last entry, didn't I?) and the doctor thinks the spiked temperature is from a reaction to the anti-biotic so they cut the dose in half. Yesterday she did much better and even had an outing to Panera for lunch and Kohl's for some quick shopping. She is still unable to walk around that much, so thank goodness for wheel chair services. By the time I carted her all around the store, she was pretty exhausted and ready to come home. She really is just recovering very well. I am still a little hesitant about leaving her Saturday, so I think for peace of mind I will rebook my flight and leave on Sunday. I don't have a ride to BWI on Saturday anyhow so that will give me another day to set something up.

So is it bad for me to vent?? Is it wrong for me to feel so spent that I no longer have any patience left? I ask because I am feeling a little guilty about spewing my disgust with people all over the internet last night...although I think it is very therapeutic to get all that out and it is better than taking it out on someone, right? Maybe I feel guilty because I was raised to always be a lady at ALL times and typing out all my frustrations may not be that lady like. Ahhh...I don't know..I am still very frustrated and NOT looking forward to touching ground in New York in a couple of days. I am trying to keep everything in perspective though..I realize that compared to others, what I am dealing with is a bed of roses, they would trade me in a heart beat, that type of thinking helps me stay thankful for what I have. Also knowing others have been through if not worse and made it out on the other side. But I will tell you, times like this allow you the opportunity to see others true colors. I have learned that I have some incredible friends. This has also brought out the nasty side of others though which is making me reevaluate certain things in my life. Trust me, I have not put myself so high up on a pedestal that I think I should be treated as royalty. But there are some basic things that I do expect out of others, especially my work relationships. When you see these people's bad sides, you must decide is this really who they are? Those who have worked for these people I am sure would say yes!! I don't people, I think I am just fed up!! I am going to stop complaining for now and go pet my cat.

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