Monday, November 08, 2004

I am thrilled to inform everyone that I have not caused physical damaged to each and every person that has caused me great angst this week. Now, don't go and give me all this credit for being a pacifist or anything. The only reason I have decided to put my best foot forward is that I am just to darn worn out to deal with all these stupid people corroding my life right. I decided because I am forced to go to work at the time to help support my high priced addictions (no, they are all legal and do not involve any substances) I can't just go hide on an island. So, after having a relaxing sleep last night thanks to Ambien, I woke up not to cranky and decided to take an Aromatherapy Shower with my new Relax lavender Shower Gel. Now, I can't say for sure if it was the voodoo lotion that took my frustration down a notch, but I decided to bag the whole "I am going to bite your head off" mentality and go into it with the best attitude possible. Seriously, they SO deserved a head being bit but I really just don't have the energy nor the brain capacity at this time to handle that. Plus, I really think it would throw them off a'all know how it goes, Emily ~ not being relentless?!?!? I think it worked, well, I know it worked because my morning didn't go horribly. It almost crumbled on me though because the question that I just knew was going to be hurled in my face came about 2 hours into my day:'ll never know as I have removed this portion to cover ones ass!

To make sure I don't sound to self absorbed, I left Mom yesterday in the trusted hands of my Grandmother. Now I am sure many of you are begging the question of how an 87 year old woman could still care for another. The answer to that question is plain and simple...just imagine me times 100! This woman is truly amazing, if you think I am a handful, you wouldn't be able to handle my Grandmother. Although my was tearful at the airport, physically she was doing pretty good for a woman 2 weeks post-op. She is still slow moving around, and by the evening is ready for a rest but she is well enough that I have some peace about coming back to New York. Again, some peace, not total peace about being back. I really wanted to stay but knew if I didn't leave I would never come back to New York.

Well, that is all for my rambling for now. God finally decided to stop shooting darts at me and sent me a day off on Thursday. Yippee!! I only have a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend. I am so going to spoil rotten, no holding back. Who is up for coffee and a manicure? No one? Just me? That's fine, I do enjoy my own company.

Oh, poor Jenn, I forgot to mention that she has dove into the world of blogging with her little sisters help. Go check out her cute site!

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