Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I must warn you, I have no patience left...instead of taking it out on another poor butcher (keep reading, you'll understand) I have decided to vent here. Consider that your disclaimer!!

Let me just start off by saying that my string of patience is becoming shorter and shorter as each day begins! I am not quite sure how long one person is really expected to "grin and bare it" until they finally just stop with the sugary sweet fake stuff and just say it as it is!! I mean really people, can I just catch a break for a moment, if not out of respect but the least out of pity!! Yep, I am totally pulling that pity card out and flashing it in all the obnoxious jerks who refuse to work with me here. Well, no, not even the pity card, the "You are on my last nerve and I am done being nice" card!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!

For starters here, I had these great expectations of taking this week slow and while mom was resting to use that time to catch up with friends. Well, you know how the Christian platitude goes "God will never give you more than you can bare" (blah blah blah) I really have come to the conclusion that he gives me way to much credit. I arrived in VA on Sunday, rather than Saturday because my body decided to reject me with a friendly UTI, fun I am about to get on the plane my sister informs me via cellphone that my mom's car is in the shop and come Monday we will have no transportation. Great!! Monday comes and the shop says the car will be out by biggie so I rent a car. Tuesday comes and now it won't be out until Wednesday...not a big deal, well, didn't have time for it to be a big deal b/c remember the bit about me catching up with old friends, no can do on Monday b/c Mom is running a 101.3 temp which by Tuesday the Doctor wants her to come in for a check up.....this of course takes from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm which also means I have to cancel 1:30 coffee time with my dear friend Donna. At least we get home before 7:00 so I can exercise my civic duty and vote ~~ which on a side note, don't even ask who I voted for, I have decided that people have become way to sensitive about this so I am keeping it between me, God and the computer ~~ they allowed mom to vote from the car, great, one thing, today will be easier right? Get the car back, call a friend and go see her with out the fear of going over the allotted miles for the can do, again, now the car won't be back until Thursday evening!!, through out the day to just make my temper slowly creep into the uncontrollable range, I was participating in poison pen competitions with my work...ahhh yes, as if my life was already stressful enough, they have decided differently and don't believe they should have to be understanding of anyone else except themselves. So I get all these emails today basically along the lines of "What the heck have you been doing these past 3 weeks, you suck!!".....Well, they don't say that exactly, but that is what the message feels like...hmmm...let's see, since October 11, not even counting my father's shaky health alert in September, my life went from a little stressful to hellfully stressful and one would think that work might cut me some slack??? Nope, that is not part of the deal, well, at least they are being consistent, right? Every person who has quit that job has done so b/c there has been a crisis in their lives that the stupid Agency has been inconsiderate of, so, the people count there losses and quit....not like it is that hard to find another job making the crappy salary that they have the nerve to pay, things just can't get anymore frustrating.. okay, really, my anxiety is so high right now I can barely scarf down a full meal.

So, here is the straw that has just made me snap. It is little, but just enough after the slime balls at work to do the trick on my patience. The one thing, one and only thing, that I look forward to in New York is the yearly Christmas party at my Husbands work, yes, that is pathetic, I know. But, in order to go, you must have 5 couples from his work reserve a table. I had just spoken to "my friend" about this 3 weeks ago (aka Pre-Mom's Cancer) and we were looking forward to going again this year dear husband asked her tonight if we are still going and she says yes...great...well, not great, later that even she comes over with Boy #3 and reveals that Boy #3 has said she will be sitting with his friends! Yeah, I really really hate when girls do that, have they not realized that is the quickest way to loose girl friends?!?!? So, now we don't even have one couple to go with (Oh, did I forget to mention that my other "friend" has done the same thing for the same reason with her Boy, who I call Boy #2) No Christmas Party this year, that really sucks!!

As you can see, I am about to just loose it, really, I have no patience left. Just yesterday I went to the Butcher to get some Italian Sausage and the guy was such a huge JERK and I told him what a huge JERK I thought he was being. I actually stood there and agrued about how much of a huge jerk he was, I am glad to say I won and got my apology. See, I am loosing it. This guy had a knife in his hands, not to mention the gazillion tattoos all over his body, but no fear, I am so spent. I have not one ounce of patience left in me. I responded to my latest poison pen email tonight from work, it was pretty viscous...actually it was so viscous that thank goodness I know the account passwords and was able to delete it off the server.

Okay friends, no christian platitudes PLEASE but maybe a nice word or two?!?!!?

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