Monday, October 04, 2004

Well, I really do feel like quite the slacker! I got home from work today and haven't moved much further than the couch. That is not exactly true, I did pull a Betty Crocker tonight and whipped up some homemade Cream of Chicken Soup, which really isn't rocket science so don't give me too much credit!! As many of you know, my in-laws were here this weekend and I would say it went quite well. Everyone dreads the in-laws, and every female, I don't care how pristine you are, don't look forward to her mother-in-law....I think it is just innate! But, that was not the case this weekend....I thoroughly enjoyed having another women in this apartment...I loved the conversations, the shopping and of course the advice in the kitchen. Why is that though...we learn at such an early age to dread our man's mom? I know it's a rite of passage, right?? Well, I have always been one to live outside of the bell shaped curve, so I will be one of the first that admits that my mother-in-law is not to be dreaded, she is very sweet. Sure, we are different, but isn't she the woman who created and guided my wonderful husband? Actually, I am well aware that many woman out there have numerous reasons to dread the dreaded mother-in-law....I can name over 5 as I type. So, I see myself as a little lucky.

Unfortunately, today's work day was just annoying, not like that is totally different from most days, but today was particularly mind boggling. We hired this new girl, whom I really really wanted to like, but I am just unable to, and trust me, I have tried. I know that I am a cynical, overly critical person. But this girl I put in the category of the "Fakes" know that ones, well, Jenn and Liz know the ones. They are the girls in High School (even Church) that all the nerdy girls wish they could be, except me, I always despised those girls for making others feel degraded. She is just fake with a capital really drives me crazy. And the fact that she has more diamonds on her hands than my jeweler has in his store really is not the thing that frustrates me...I am perfectly content with the diamonds that adore my arms and ears! I just can't totally explain it, it is just this type of person.....and to make matters more frustrating than they already are, she and my other co-worker enjoy a round of "lets harass Emily for not believing in psychics". I am sorry that I am not so desperate with in myself that I turn to the obnoxious John Edwards and the horoscope to guide my life. But do I say these things to them to only stoop down to their immature level, no, instead I just say really cut throat things that make them raise their eye brows in shock that this good little Christian girl would actually fight the words of one of the wisest men alive "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH", ya idiot!! Aaargh! So, in order to not totally blow any dignity that I had left, I decided to surf the web and check out all the other blogs out there for the last 1/2 hour of my pathetic work existence. I found it quite interesting and relaxing. One of my favorite ideas that I saw was a top 100 list of things others probally would never know about me, even if you are related to me. So I might take a swing at it!

Well, have you guys had enough of my terrible venting yet? Sorry, but there are just those days that you wish you just stayed in your bed. Hopefully tomorrow will allow me that luxury. I am feeling a little sick tonight, and I am not even faking. I have to be healthy for this weekend, it's my mom's surgery Monday so I am going home to take care of her. How unfair is that, both parents health at question. Very scary, but I don't focus on these things because if I did I don't think I would get out of bed! Hopefully tomorrow I won't for other reasons though! So, I am going to sit back now, sip my hot apple cider and listen to the rest of my K's Choice cd and contemplate making my site a little more exciting.....keep an eye out for it!

Love to all my non-Fake friends, you guys are great!

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