Tuesday, September 28, 2004

After pulling extra hours this weekend, one baby pick up at a hospital 1 hour away on Saturday and a birthmother visit at the local hospital on Sunday, I am feeling a teeny bit burnt-out. I really had a lot of things that I needed to accomplish to prepare for the next 2 hectic weekends. This weekend I have my in-laws coming to visit and then the following weekend I am traveling home for my mother's surgery. During that same week (of mom's surgery) my father will be begin his chemo, which treatment he will be receiving, we don't know yet. That will be another hurdle to get over, dependent on the sub-category of his Mantle Cell, which will also determine the severity and his life expectancy, his doctor's will then have an idea of treatment options. It would be great if my directors weren't such stick in the muds and would allow me to use the extra hours I put in as comp-time (instead of getting paid for them, take an afternoon off). So, tonight I am just going to have to skip Bible Study and stay at home and attempt to get caught up on some minor things that are lingering. I am falling so far behind right now that I don't even have dish-soap left!! Eeesh! But, if I really bust butt this evening and not become lazy, the rest of the week should even out. Oh, did I mention, to just add more chaos to my already chaotic life, I broke my glasses? And then the spares? Yes, yes....while in New York City last month I put my glasses in my sister's bookbag (I know, not the smoothest move on my part). By the time she returned them to me, the frames had snapped and Jenn had lost the lense. Well, I didn't want to buy new glasses when I knew that come the new year my insurance would cover the whole thing 100%, so I decided to put up with my spare ones that I didn't think were so flattering, but hey, they worked. Well, yesterday, while desperately trying to get to work on time, I tripped on the curb and while catching myself my bag flew off my shoulder and my (spare) glasses, the only thing that actually fell out of my bag mind you, hit the pavement which caused a HUGE scratch. I brought them to the optomologist and they decided that they can't be saved. So wether I liked it or not, I had to buy a new pair of glasses that won't arrive until, atleast Thursday. Even if I wanted to go to Bible Study tonight, it's not like I could have been prepared because I can't even fathom reading that long with my eyes the way they are right now.

So are you saying to yourself, Gosh Em, this really a lot to do about nothing?? I don't blame you, personally I feel like a cat just chasing her tail! Look on the bright side though, I am so busy that even if I wanted to worry about the state of my parents health, I don't have the time. But, thank you for loving me enough that even when I ramble on and on, you still come back for more!

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